Bon Lux | Rust Bloom Linen Wheatbag

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DREAMY RUST BLOOM Linen Wheatbag 500g

Everyone needs a warm cuddle sometimes and this wheatbag is a helper for cramps, muscle pains, to warm up a cold bed or to snuggling to sleep!

The unique size and shape make it a soothing pal which looks cute on your bed/couch too! With either just Australian grown wheat, or with added dried lavender buds for scented relaxing. Back is chocolate/cream gingham linen.

Directions: as each microwave varies, you’ll need to test heat by warming up over 30 second intervals. DO NOT overheat 1.5mins max heat time.

Place wheatbag on clean, dry microwave plate and heat to desired temperature.

Check the temperature feels right before putting against skin, taking extra care with kids, who are more sensitive to heat!

It’s important not to overheat the wheatbag, as this can make it smell weird/scorch fabric, rendering it un-usable. Spot clean fabric, as washing/exposure to water isn’t recommended, due to dry organic contents.