Upcycled Beauty | Anna Brightman

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Transform leftover coffee grounds into a body scrub, use citrus scraps to make a body oil, home fragrance or all-purpose cleaner, use too-far-gone raspberries to make a subtle lip stain, dry rose petals from your wilted bouquet to make drawer fresheners, or turn watermelon rinds into a soothing after-sun

Save some money, have control over what ingredients you put on your skin and customise your beauty routine depending on what you have at home. Sharing some of the exact recipes that UpCircle use, as well as a great bunch of more off-the-cuff creative ideas, you'll learn how certain ingredients benefit your skin, which ones make you feel calmer, and even how to make your own essential oils.

Enjoy making these DIY indulgent, gorgeous good-for-you and good-for-the-planet products at home, because you deserve a bit of pampering!