Olga de Polga | Portland | Mustard

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This beloved sweater comes in the softest, warmest angora/wool fabrication. Pair with jeans for a great winter look.

  • Colour: Mustard
  • Loose, boxy shape
  • Slightly cropped length
  • Long sleeves
  • Crew neck
  • Dropped shoulders

A lightweight yet incredibly warm angora/wool blend. 70% Angora, 20% Fine Wool, 10% Nylon.

  • 70% Angora: Get ready to indulge in the softest embrace ever! Angora brings that plush, cloud-like feel to the mix, making every wear feel like a warm hug. It's like wearing a piece of pure bliss!

  • 20% Fine Wool: Say hello to durability with a dash of elegance! Fine wool adds that extra oomph, giving the sweater structure and ensuring it lasts through countless adventures. Plus, it's breathable, so you can stay comfy no matter where you go.

  • 10% Nylon: Flexibility, we've got it covered! Nylon steps in to keep things stretchy and in shape. No more worrying about the sweater losing its form – it's here to stay, looking fabulous as ever.

Performance and TLC:

  • Wrinkles? Not a chance! This sweater knows how to keep its cool, maintaining its shape and structure like a pro.

  • Feeling the chill? Fear not! The Portland sweater's got your back with its fantastic thermal properties, keeping you warm and toasty, no matter the weather.

  • Oh, and taking care of it? Piece of cake! A little hand wash and air dry are all it takes to keep this beauty looking as good as new.

Does angora shed?

Yes, if it doesn't shed, it is not angora. Angora sweaters are known for being soft and beautiful, but also unfortunately known for their tendency to shed on everything. While there is not a lot you can do to stop the shedding, you can control it to some extent.  The fibre mix in this Portland sweater means it won't shed as much as a sweater with a higher content of angora in it.

What can you do to minimise shedding?

1. Wear it. 

The fibres will settle & flatten with use

2. Freeze it.

Seal in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer overnight. This makes the loose fibres easy to shake out. After freezing, shake vigorously and the loose fibres will shake out all at once rather than throughout the day.

3. Keep it in a moist environment.

One of the reasons angora sheds is because the fibres can get statically charged. Use a humidifier, or hand in the bathroom when you shower.