Memory Atlas | Dani Marano | Alex Scott-Douglas | Caitlin Royce

These three artists have come together for a joint exhibition: ‘Memory Atlas’ - a theme which delves into the unending, shape shifting world of what we remember. How do we map the past? 

Alex Scott-Douglas is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer. From a very young age, Alex has had a mad obsession with houses and floor plans - her work explores the 'significant floor plans' from her life through paper cut out and gouache painting. Both geometric and abstract shapes, along with colour play a crucial role in evoking the memories and emotions reflected in her artwork. 

Dani Marano is a creative working across floristry and collage. In an age of screen time and social media, Dani’s crude-cut and paste collage are created in moments of quiet isolation. Meticlously hand-cut and assembled, the outcome is a window into the mind of the artist and invitation to explore surreal worlds.

Caitlin Royce explores contemporary forms of abstraction across multiple mediums. In this body of work, she draws on personal histories from childhood to early ‘adulthood’ to create works that explore the idea of memory as romanticised, fragmented and highly imaginative.
Optimistic colours and familiar everyday symbols propose the idea of memory as being malleable and collectively shared.