Talisman | Aleshia Ng

Aleshia Ng completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting) at the Victorian College of the Arts.  Now living and working in Central Victoria on the traditional lands of the Dja Dja Wurrung, her practice often addresses the connection between nature and the human spirit.  In “Talisman” the artist’s most recent works are informed by her cultural heritage. Chinese folk lore, mythology and traditions are referenced in the imagery. These works are also in recognition of the legacy of Chinese gold miners who sought good fortune and prosperity on this same land in the 1850s.

Paper cuts and hand-drawn images have been collaged and then cyanotype printed onto paper, then worked with acrylic paint to present motifs of luck and good fortune, and ancient practices of paper-cutting and knotting are presented in a new way. The works themselves becoming talismans to protect and empower.