Universal Radio | Jane Ardley

Universal Radio is an exploration of the power of the mind. And an attempt to provide the subconscious with a simplistic and organised, visible form.

My work and process is in part, influenced by my time studying interior design at RMIT University. The heavier influences are the exploration of colour theory, spatial design and ergonomics, hand and computer drafting. 

Over time these aspects have become ingrained into my design process and the way I arrange each artwork. Often using precise measurements, clean lines and boarders as a design feature.

Colour is so much more than aesthetics. It’s a mood, a vibe, a personality. Transmitting it’s own frequency. Not to be overlooked.

Shape and form and the space in between, in conjunction with colour, create balance, order and harmony. Fascinatingly, once arranged, have the ability to conjure memories or emotions and make your heart sing.

I chose to work as organically as possible. Allowing the inspiration for each piece to flow through me with minimal interruption. I will configure and visualise the artwork almost subconsciously and once I see a clear image of its form, I bring it to life.

I developed this process further while using autocad. Creating 3D models on the computer. After awhile I realised I could use my mind to do this. Flip things around, change colours. Perhaps it’s out of convenience as it can be done anywhere, in the background, without a pen. But the more I practice it the easier it becomes.

I find the concept of plotting points into an infinite space fascinating. Taking a vast empty void and creating a form within it. Only then does the space around that form, become ‘the space around it’. And any additional forms within that space are now considered, location wise ‘in relation to’ that first point.

I think about this system and how it relates to most things. Maps, timelines, life choices. And how everything is connected. But at the same time proportionally disconnected due to the plotted course.