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Some say that birds are a symbol of luck, love, healing, and a lot of other good things. Hang this wooden bird mobile, composed of graphic lines and clean shapes, in your favorite room as a reminder of all the nice things. Pull gently on the string to help your bird take flight. Take all three under your wing to create your own flock—after all, birds of a feather like to fly together.

Plywood, water-based paint

Duck, 24 x 15 x 4 in
Seagull, 24 x 12.5 x 4 in
Toucan, 24 x 16 x 4 in

Keep in a cool, dry place. Wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth.

Luca lives and works in Amsterdam as a toy designer, an illustrator for the German agency Sepia, and icon designer for Philips. He obtained a BA in Architecture and a MA in Visual Communication at IUAV University of Venice.

In 2016, he launched his own brand BLUC, with a series of rocking animals, part of the collection at Vitra Design Museum and at Triennale Design Museum of Milan. In 2019 and 2020 he published Standing in Lineand Italian Scraps for Corraini. During this time he also taught design at Abadir Academy in Catania, Italy where he currently runs several workshops for children and students.

In 2021 Luca won the NDSM Open Call contest in Amsterdam with the project Animal Factory, a children’s playground formed by minimalistic animal sculptures; the same project got nominated during the Milan Design Week ’22 among the best 20 installations.