Bon Lux | Gift Sized Bath Soak Tube | Calming

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A gift sized bath soak of magical magnesium salts, minerals and soothing essential oil scent.

Magical bath salts rich in iron, magnesium and zinc for soothing skin, muscles and minds…Comes gift-ready in a glass tube, which can be re-purposed as a useful container when the salts are done!

Sink into a relaxing bath, and let the magical blend of minerals and salts do their work! With magnesium, Epsom salt, iron and zinc for restoring the body’s natural balance; and the mind and body calming scent of bergamot, chamomile, clary sage essential oils.

Directions: add contents of tube as you run your bath. Make sure to rinse and wipe out bath when finished to ensure no oil residue is left in your bath.


Ingredients: epsom salts, sodium chloride, alcohol, purified water, vegetable glycerin, citrus bergamia, matricaria chamomilla, salvia sclarea essential oil blend. free from: artificial fragrances/ parabens / synthetics / sulphates /animal ingredients

+ never tested on animals. non-toxic pigment, derived from iron oxide

please reuse / recycle bottle


If you like CALMING scent, you might like the gift sized salts tube, and its the same as the CALM FLOWERFACE mist, and both pair well in a gift! Plus theres the CALM wheatbags and eye pillows for EXTRA GOOD VIBES!!

Try RESTFUL for an alternative soak, scented with lavender, marjoram, citrus blend!


Made by hand with love, in Australia