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A bath soak of magical magnesium salts, minerals and soothing essential oil scent, 220g.

Magical bath salts rich in iron, magnesium and zinc for soothing skin, muscles and minds…Comes gift-ready in a heavy glass bottle, which is lovely re-purposed as a flower vase when the salts are done!

Sink into a relaxing bath, and let the magical of minerals and salts do their work! With magnesium, Epsom salt, Himalayan pink salts, iron and zinc for restoring the body’s natural balance; and the restful scent of lavender, rose, marjoram and citrus, for soothing your mind…

Directions: add generously as you run your bath, at least 1/4 of a cup for the best results. Make sure to rinse and wipe out bath when finished to ensure no oil residue left in your bath.

Ingredients: epsom salts, himalayan pink salt, sodium chloride, alcohol, purified water, vegetable glycerin, lavandula, citrus reticulata, rosa damascena, origanum majorana l. essential oil blend.

free from: artificial fragrances/ parabens / synthetics / sulphates /animal ingredients + never tested on animals. non-toxic pigment, derived from iron oxide.

please reuse / recycle bottle

If you like RESTFUL scent, theres also a gift tube size, and its the same as the MAGIC MAGNESIUM SPRAY ‘restful’ and both pair well in a gift! Try MUSCLE for an alternative soak, scented with rosemary, cedar and lavender for after sports, or CALMING for a citrus-happy bath.

Made by hand with love, in Australia