Dindi | Shave Soap in a Tin

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We've dabbled in shaving soaps from time to time, but when I was approached by a dedicated wet shaver to create a supreme product, I decided to accept the challenge. Finally, after mixing, testing, mixing again, testing umpteen times and even more tweaking, I'm happy to say that this shaving soap does what it is designed to do... create a lasting lather, provide a smooth gliding slip on the skin, is naturally skin-friendly and smells great! Lashings of shea butter and macadamia oil provide nourishment, whilst lemon myrtle and white cypress add a unique freshness, reminiscent of our Australian bush.

We no longer make the native mint shaving soap as have exhausted our supplies of native mint essential oil and cannot find a new supplier at present.

Approx. 130g soap

Ingredients: saponified olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil, macdamia oil, pure essential oils of lemon myrtle, white cypress, rosewood, lime and cedarwood, bentonite clay.