Dish Brush

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We all have washing up to do, but did you know that your current dish brush is probably far from environmentally friendly?

Not only will our Bamboo dish brushes look better in your kitchen, they will do the job too! 

Making the switch to our bamboo dish brush is a simple and achievable first step towards reducing your plastic waste.

The bamboo brush has a detachable brush head so that you can continue to use the same handle and just compost the used head after use and replace with a new brush head.

The handle is fitted with a circular hook on the bottom to easily store & hang up when not in use.  

How to use and care for:

Once the brush head is looking well worn, you can simply pop the brush head off and replace it with a new one. The bamboo heads are made from bamboo and can be put in your compost bin and will not harm the environment. 

We recommend that you store in a dry sunny position when not in use and allow the brush to dry out between uses to extend the longevity. 


Bamboo hardwood, Sisal Bristles and stainless steel attachments.