Hibi incense | Gift Set traditional

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This beautifully presented gift box contains 3 different traditional japanese fragrances (each with 8 incense sticks) and one reusable burning pad. it comes in a protective sleeve.


a classic warm and woody oriental scent with a lingering creamy aroma. with its enduring significance in many religious ceremonies, sandalwood is a gentle invitation to meditation and reflection.


a lively, warm citrus aroma imparting notes of sweet mandarin balanced by crisp, dry grapefruit. this is a popular scent to clear the mind and relax the body all year round. 

japanese cypress

from the prized hinoki wood which is used in temples and shrines, japanese cypress has a distinctive smooth, dry and smoky aroma, with none of the harshness of other evergreen fragrances. a beautiful unisex choice for those with a longing to visit or return to japan.