Midland Highway | Yuna Chun

Still transiting between Korea and Australia, Castlemaine and Melbourne, the Midland Highway is where I’m standing at the moment.

The title <Midland Highway> is from the name of a major highway linking central Victoria, which I always drive through to go to nearby towns of Castlemaine. It has been exactly 1 year since I moved to Castlemaine, and this new environment has impacted my way of seeing things a lot.

Initially, my body of work started from observing the forms of buildings around me, when thought of in a basic sense they become square boxes that we contain ourselves in. When I draw straight lines with an architecture ruler they seem like I’m creating small cities which only exist in a multidimensional space that slowly moves and evolves.

Recently I have also been developing an interest in quantum physics, which fundamentally interprets time and space beyond our understanding. It’s an extension of my interest in ‘space’. My work started from the observation of cityscapes and my urge to depict the organic geometric space on a flat surface. Now I’d like to continue my practice through reinterpreting space itself.